Our Church

St. James ChurchSt. James Anglican Church is a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Church, a founding  partner in the Anglican Church in North America. Our priest is The Rev. Keith Boettner. 

At St. James Church, we are committed to the historic Christian faith and traditional Anglican worship as a refreshing alternative in the contemporary spiritual world. We are Anglican by heritage and maintain classic Anglican theology, worship, and spirituality. We hold fast to the Word of God, both the written Word, as found in Holy Scripture, and the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Word we find our life, our hope, and our purpose. 

At St. James, you will find believers who are knit together in Christian love and fellowship. We will minister to you and provide you opportunities to use your gifts to minister to others. 

We also strive to build and maintain strong relationships with other faithful Christians.  We long for the day when all will be united under Christ Jesus, our King and our Savior.